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Greek Civilization

The major thinkers that have existed in this world have roots in ancient Greece. The civilization of the Greeks grew in small city-states (Montgomery, para 4). An individual city-state was made up of a town which was surrounded by many other villages. There was a lot of farmland from where town residents could get their food. Many of the small city-states of the Greek civilization had a lot of rivalries. they were characterized by constant fighting. It is, however, important to note that the citizens of particular city states were very patriotic and took a keen interest in affairs of their states.Among those many city states, two of them were most significant. the Sparta state and the Athens state. These cities are known to have been the first to establish mature democracies. It was difficult for these states to form a single united nation(Montgomery, para 13-17,). However, a few things bound them together. their language was common, religion and cultural practices played this important role. This gave the ancient Greeks a feeling that they were totally different people compared to others whom they tagged as barbarians. Ancient Greek civilization is much attributed to its formidable political structures as well as geographical location. These two factors placed it in a strategic position which accelerated its growth and development. Geographical factors were the prime reason for its growth, compared to other near eastern civilizations, the Greek civilization existed between several ranges of mountain ranges.