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Haiti local realities global influence

is a country whose population was created through kidnapping and enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Africans by the Spanish and French in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the descendants of these slaves are the present inhabitants of Haiti, and due to the misery and poverty that have ravaged the nation for decades, there has been little or no voluntary emigration there for the better part of the century. Today, Haiti has become what many refer to as a nation of NGO after it was ravaged by numerous natural disasters such which have debilitated its political social and economic infrastructure. this paper examines the background of the island nation and discusses how international NGOs that appear to established a parallel government and how this is negatively affecting recovery efforts.Before it was discovered by the Spanish in 1492 (Trouillot 3), it was initiated by various groups native to the Caribbean, it later became the Dominican Republic and the native population was completely annihilated through warfare and the introduction of western diseases for which they had no immunity. The island of Hispaniola as it came to be known was a splendid rain forest that required thousands of slaves to till which explains the rampant slavery in retrospect. Surprisingly despite the fact that Haiti is today synonymous with poverty and disaster, it is actually one of the most historically influential nations to the current status quo in the US and Europe. For one, being the first black independent country in the western hemisphere is no mean achieving and it contributed a great deal to the end of slavery in many other parts of the world where the victims were inspired by Haiti. The perception of Haiti by the international community has for years been based on a negative ideology of poverty and misery, granted these constitute a big part of the nation’s situation for the last few decades the view is nevertheless misguided. Most online content of the country