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Heaven on Earth Case

As already discussed, the main issue is the resolution of the problems which emerged when Jerry took over the office and modified how things were done which proves to be detrimental both in the employees and company’s customers. The supervisor is seen to have the more important role in making the effort of finding a solution to the problem while employees within the foodservice department should be cooperative of the solution to be implemented.

Having been given the hypothetical role of being the supervisor, the proposed solution of this project is to consult Jerry and tell him to focus on his administrative duties. It should be noted that the case clearly stipulates that his main responsibility is only on administrative tasks and he should not have control on job routines, scheduling procedures, and menu plans. It becomes apparent that Jerry is doing something outside his job description disrupting the whole system in the process. However, this should be done in a very professional manner.

Even though I’ve only been in this branch for the past six months, I have noted your sincerity and dedication for the job together with your ability to learn new concepts and skills fast. In recognition to your excellent performance as a cook for Heaven in Earth for the past 20 years, I am happy to inform you that you are now promoted as a Red Seal Chef.
Your promotion will bring in new responsibilities which I would like to discuss in details with you on Friday, 15 February around 10am. I do hope that this new position will not hinder you in taking care of my children after office hours. I will be very happy and willing to assist you with the transition.

Jerry Dashwood
Critical Analysis
The letter is written by the new manager in order to inform Nita Jones of her promotion. In the case analyzed, it should be noted that Jerry is very fond of Nita and among the employees in the foodservice department. the latter is most receptive of the changes which the new manager is putting in place. Thus, it is only logical to assume that Jerry will more likely promote Nita to a higher position.
The letter of Jerry to Nita follows the specific format of a business letter. The letterhead of the company is used to highlight business communication. It also utilizes a block format which emphasizes professionalism. Through this, Jerry is communicating that even though he treats Nita as a friend, this letter goes beyond this friendship and captures their relationship as superior and employee.
The letter should be regarded because of its being direct to the point. Instead of highlighting the friendly relationship between them, Jerry wrote professionally and with authority. He states that Nita earned her promotion because of her performance and not because of his closeness with his superior. Overall, the tone of Jerry is less cordial and formal which is right for his purpose.
However, there is one sentence which should not be included in the letter. This is about Nita having enough time to take care of Jerry’s kids. In business writing, personal life should always be separated from what happens inside of the office. Also, the inclusion of this sentence is not appropriate because it goes beyond the