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Hi I need help in starting this problem A sporting goods manufacturer has



I need help in starting this problem:

A sporting goods manufacturer has

decided to expand into a related business. Management estimates that to build and staff a facility of the desired size and to attain capacity operations would cost $520 million in present value terms. Alternatively, the company could acquire an existing firm or division with the desired capacity. One such opportunity is a division of another company. The book value of the division’s assets is $350 million and its earnings before interest and tax are presently $60 million. Publicly traded comparable companies are selling in a narrow range around 12 times current earnings. These companies have book value debt-to-asset ratios averaging 40 percent with an average interest rate of 10 percent.

a. Using a tax rate of 36 percent, estimate the minimum price the owner of the division should consider for its sale. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Enter your answer in millions rounded to 1 decimal place.)



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