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How America is Responding to the Flat World

This essay discusses the topic of the United States and that it is no longer the world’s clear economic leader. The researcher suggests that perhaps that is a result of their archaic response to globalization. It will be necessary to redefine productivity in light of emerging technological advancements worldwide. These new policies will have to support the digital revolution, boost technological innovation, enhance workforce skills, promote entrepreneurship and ensure competitive and open markets. The Government will have to look inside and reorganize itself by placing more reliance on networks than hierarchy, more on civic and private sector actors than bureaucracy, and more on technology than on rule-based, bureaucratic programs. Be that as it may, the researcher states that America has single-handedly rescued many third world nations from meager subsistence and it has been somewhat detrimental to the United States internal economic policies. A collective response is necessary, but it must be spearheaded by the US Government. The submission to the internationalization of America and the shift away from Americanization by foreign nations demands serious attention. Perhaps rather than internationalization policies, American policy makers should concentrate on emphasizing pursuit of science and technology in the American school system. The researcher concludes that after that American’s themselves might want to become more ambitious in the pursuit of the sciences themselves.