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How I am going to improve my performance next year

How I am Going to Improve My Performance Next Year Studying International Business is a great learning experience, with numerous avenues for research and further investigation. Exceling in all my subjects is extremely important for me, in order to build a strong knowledge base in my academic area. For improved professional development, I plan to read and write extensively on current issues, research and developments in my field of academics. Towards my long-term goal of becoming an authority in my field, I would also have discussions, debates and brain-storming sessions on various subject topics with my friends. Improving my performance next year would include working towards better time management skills to handle the various demands of academic life, and to maintain a healthy work-life balance. A practically applicable time-table will be prepared and adhered to, as closely as possible. I plan to maintain my good health and well-being through regular physical exercise, getting adequate sleep at night, and a balanced and nutritious diet. Participating in extra-curricular activities such as music, theatre and environmental clubs will refresh and consequently help me excel in my academic performance, besides strengthening friendships and building a sound social network. I consider a regular, healthy routine with time for prayer and meditation as essential.