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How to use a Rubber in Mobile Phones

This paper focuses on mobile technology. Some of the factors to consider when choosing materials for developing a mobile device will include, weight, girth, flexibility of the material and its fitness for the intended purpose. The mobile device market has over the past years evolved to unimaginable extents. There has been the development of space age smartphones with unimaginable capabilities and processing speeds. There has also been vast improvement in the display of such devices in both clarity and size. Many mobile devices have been unveiled by different manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Apple, Motorola and many more competing for the consumers available. One thing that has been an issue is the safety of such expensive devices when they get to fall or submerge in water. To solve this problem, we focus on Nokia’s N9 and the use of rubber by Nokia to act as a protector to this flagship device.Then Nokia n9 uses an 8 megapixel rear camera that is used for photography. The type of lenses used is Carl Zeiss by Nokia with autofocus and image stabilization property. This camera also comes with a dual led flash light to assist in photography in dark conditions. It is one of the most crucial parts of the phone.The battery in the Nokia n9 is what sustains the life in it. It a lithium ion battery that is internal to the mobile phone. It has a large capacity so that it can power up the large display and the processor together with other auxiliary components.This is the N9’s AMOLED gorilla glass curved screen that covers the whole of the N9 front face. This is a touch screen used for both input and output in this system. It not delicate as such since it is curved hence can resist a little bit of damage.The N9 case is made of polycarbonate that is well brushed. This is where all the components of the phone are housed and firmly head. It is the chassis of the whole device therefore providing the shape and character of this marvelous