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IBM Analysis

I personally credit two giant companies for sowing the seeds of this global IT revolution, these are International Business Machines (1880) for its role in automation followed by invention of a personal computer and American Telephone and Telegraph (1885) for the innovations in the domain of telecommunications. There is no doubt about the contributions made by these companies in their respective domains. IBM has been termed as the Snow White for it being the largest of the eight major computer companies, peers used to fondly call IBM and the seven dwarfs, in 1964 IBM produced around 65% of the computers (Dvorak 2006).IBM’s objectives are centered around helping their clients succeed in delivering business value by becoming more efficient and competitive through the use of business insight and information technology solutions. and providing long-term value to our shareholders (IBM Annual Report 2008). Hence IBM is assisting its clients to come up with new business designs and architectures that enhance their competitiveness in this new network oriented landscape. IBM operates at global scale. very effectively and efficiently it has been able to maintain a balance between its adapting to the geography it is operating from. IBM’s operations are grouped in six sectors, these include: Financial Services, Public Services, Industrial Services, Distribution chains, Communications and Small amp. Medium industries. In these sectors, key segments being serviced by IBM are Global Technology Services. a Global Business Services segment. Systems amp. Technology. and Software. In last eight years IBM has acquired over 100 companies to complement and scale their portfolio of products and services (IBM, Annual Report, 2008).IBM team includes over 386,000 employees (worldwide) and they are enabling provision of services to clients in more than 170 countries (IBM Annual Report 2008). In 2008 IBM’s revenues exceed