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Importance of Keeping Pets

Loneliness is a social situation that in most case begets people when they least expected. Aging and traveling can make us lack our usual family and Friends. Most people enjoy the company. However, having a dog, for example, can help an individual avoid lonesomeness. Dogs are known to be friendly and active, even though they do not speak but they can respond to spoken words, play and evoke laughter depending on how they are trained. Most people allow pets in their bedrooms especially when they find it so boring to spend time all alone, simple acts such as speaking to a cat, making it run after a ball and caressing it gives a new meaning of companionship in that animals also are legible for keeping company. For a long time dogs have been kept for security and hunting reasons, that dogs are able to detect strange people and animals using their sharp olfactory ability is not a new thing. Having dongs in the house elevates our sense of security and level of alertness. For instance, a dog can keep us aware of what is happening outside the house even when we have no clue. This can help an individual be more cautious avoiding running into possible danger. Away from home, let us say during hiking, dogs can warn us of the strange and harmful animals within the environment different when one has no dog. Nobody wants to lose the feeling of being secure and because of this. it becomes preferable to have a pet that enhances security. It is hard to believe that as innocent as a cat looks, it can kill a scaring big snake than we can think, apart from warning us it protects us, therefore, it is irresistible not to keep such a friendly, protective and beautiful animal.With over 71 million Americans families, keeping pets as part of their family it is easier to single out the reasons for this kind of relationship. From various researches conducted, it has clearly been stated that pets for this case dogs and cats play a critical role in combating hypertension incidents. It is often noted that people with dogs and cats get involved in regular physical activities for leisure such as running around for fun. This directly works to regulate blood pressure and heart rate as well as the burning of excess calories in the body. Keeping a pet is like having a regular source of exercise in the family (Bush, Baker, amp. Macdonald, 2014 page 673).