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Importance of Spoken Discourse

The important factors detailed in the text are the role of facial expressions, Quality of the voice, the body language of the person. The content of the text is divided as follows. Introduction, an example of spoken discourse, explanation of spoken discourse, explanation of implicature, Teaching of implications and conclusion.Communication plays an important role in the development of mankind. Communication helps in the transfer of ideas from one individual to another, It has an essential part for the development of all currently known inventions in science, technology and all other possible fields developed by humans. The word discourse has its evolution from the Latin word discursus. In Latin it means conversation. There is still an ongoing debate among linguists on the meaning of discourse, some relate it to textual forms, at the same time certain others refer it to be associated with speech. Discourse is the way in which language is used socially to convey broad historical meaning. It is language identified by the social conditions of its use, by who is using it under what conditions. Language can never be neutral because it bridges our personal and social worlds. This definition is taken from Discourses of Domination by Frances Henry and Carol Tator, Univ.of Toronto press,2002..When the build-up of a discourse is concentrated, another classification that comes up is formal and informal communication. Formal disclosure is more strict in that it requires the use of passive voice, lack of contracted forms together with impersonality, complex sentence structure and in case of English language, vocabulary derived from Latin. Informal discourse, on the other hand, makes use of active voice mainly with personal pronouns and verbs which show feelings as ‘I think’, ‘We believe’ and it has frequent contractions both in written and spoken.