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Information Management within an Organization

This report will examine how senior managers can improve information management within an organization. Information management is an umbrella term, which encompasses people, process, technology, and content. Improving information management is driven by the need to improve upon the business processes. Because it encompasses all the systems and processes within an organization, it is essential that managers at all levels communicate effectively. With the growth of electronic media, the problem of managing information has compounded. There are a large number of information systems today, which lack coordination or integration. Information that flows into a company is quite often out-dated, lacks in quality and consistency. The senior management normally does not offer support in managing this information. Added to these are internal politics, changing corporate policies and strategies, and diverse business needs. Investment in information management has also been lacking, as no tangible benefits are visible as in other business processes. People: strong leadership can help create an effective information management strategy (Robertson, 2005). A clear vision of the outcomes expected from the system is necessary to formulate the right strategy. They must be able to identify and prioritize business requirements. Senior managers are responsible to ensure that managers at all levels have a clear understanding of the project, its implementation, and the benefits. Technology alone would not suffice unless it is backed by the right managers to implement it. Staff may need to be trained in the application of the information system. The managers also need to recognize the need to invest in developing and maintaining an effective information management system. Technology: Selecting the right technology itself is the first and most important task. No single application of project can resolve all the problems connectedwith information management.