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These include the basis of meeting and discussing with clients as to what the exact requirements are, drawing up a brief as to what should be done, and finding out creative solutions for the clients which is one Herculean task. The field of advertising is renowned because it creates a spell for each and everyone yet it does not reveal the complexities that remain within its own folds. It lets the people to enjoy the different shades of beauty, fashion and product advertising but does not tell much about what goes on behind the scenes and how difficult it is to convince the clients to begin with. What is even more distressing to know is that at times the varied advertising agencies are taken for a ride by the clients. They are not given their dues for a long time which essentially means that the wages and salaries of employees are put on hold. Even though advertising looks great from the outside, its inner side is very horrific to state the least. People are made to work at odd hours of the day and even night. The clients can absolutely rule the roost because they care less about the ones who work for them and get their work done. This is in essence a form of abuse that is being committed by the clients as and when they wish to exploit. As advertising comprises of many diversified business avenues as well, most noteworthy being public relations, event management, direct selling and so on, it covers quite a few areas which is a headache for the advertising agencies and their personnel. The advertising agencies therefore recruit individuals who can work for long hours, have it in them to handle pressure at odd times of the day, can interact with all sorts of clients, are creative on most of the occasions, and do not say no ever to any one. These are some of the salient points which go into manufacturing an advertising genius and this is the reason he is paid handsomely but that too after a long period of time. The initial years are always the most difficult ones in terms of work-life balance and salary issues. Hence one when someone suggests that advertising is a leisure field and it makes the people feel excited, they are completely in the wrong because it does not happen so in entirety. There are a number of reasons which state how advertising will have to come out in the open with its real face. In line with this discussion it is significant to comprehend that advertising gives its own people a tough time. The consumers are always misled at times which are somewhat of a shambles for the entire field under discussion. The misconceptions regarding advertising are immensely drawn up and it is about time that these are resolved to produce high level linkages between the people and the ones who are advertising them in the first place. The element of consumerism becomes apparent within the understanding of advertising and how it is making its mark within the related scheme of things. In the end, it would be appropriate to state that advertising is a very difficult field for beginners. They must be mentally very tough to adhere to the rigorous routines and work pressures that would come their way. It would make them stand in a league of their own if devotion and patience remain the keys. Therefore advertising is a field that has a number of misconceptions attached with it and it is very apt to state here that these must be shed off for the betterment of the youngsters who want to join this