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Integrated Communication Policy Impact on Press and Broadcasting

In recent years the impact of globalization has merged communication in such a manner that the differences are no longer visible to a third party. Mass Communication has given way to endless categories in media studies. Hence it has become difficult to separate the press from broadcasting at this stage.The barriers in the media and communications sector call for a thorough revision of the internal market and cultural diversity. The process is too lengthy to be screened without negligence. Special care is taken for copyright and the protection of the minors. The consumer protection is maximized through the Audiovisual Media Service Directive to meet the demands proposed by the consumers. The need for policy revision arose due to several reasons, two of which are listed below:The media play a fundamental role in educating audiences about various social realities. The question of how the media mediate between the external objective reality and our perception of social reality has been one of the major themes of Mass Communication research. There has been particular interest in the real definition function of the press. The press has been instrumental in educating readers, creating awareness about issues, defining our perceptions of reality and changing attitudes.2Press and broadcasting policies are conceived in different intellectual frameworks. Broadcasting inquiries are deeply influenced by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and hence uphold the public service principles. The press does not receive such state-appointed public trust. The free-market approach to the press is not defended for and the broadcast receives much of the attention. Press is considered to be a motionless medium which is thought to be right without any arguments. This causes several contradictions at the core of media policy. Part of it is the New Labor’s rhetoric that has achieved to expose the incoherence in the communication policy in an attempt to prove it integrated into the world view.