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International Business

Some perspectives associated with a country which have to be considered in relation to business investments in the hospitality industry include the culture of the country which reflects on the tastes of the clients, economic and political forces at work that have an impact on the stability of the country, marketing as well as human resources aspects for the venture, organizational design and an analysis of the financial risks involved.The country is naturally very beautiful and has a highly developed economy which is based mostly on agricultural products as well as high technology industries. New Zealand has enjoyed a period of robust economic growth in the recent past, with low inflation and a liberal economy. The country is stable, with a low crime rate and investor confidence has been good. Because the number of new settlers and tourists has seen a marked increase in the recent years, therefore, investing in the hospitality industry or specifically a restaurant offers a good opportunity provided that a good restaurant concept can be presented. The country already has restaurants serving food from many corners of the world, but because of the high standards of living and a culture of dining out, there is room for new restaurants. This brief essay examines some of the perspectives associated with investing in a restaurant project in New Zealand to create a broad general opinion about whether such an investment is likely to be worthwhile. It can, therefore, be concluded that investing in New Zealand is relatively safe and provided a reasonably decent restaurant concept is presented, there is no reason why a reasonable return on investment cannot be generated. Experience gained from managing the restaurant can then be of use in further expansion in New Zealand or the neighboring countries. International food brands like Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC are already present in New Zealand and the outlets are operated by Restaurant Brands New Zealand Limited. Pizza Hut and Starbucks Coffee are more popular than KFC. It appears that New Zealanders like dining out on something which is different from their everyday fare at home.