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International People Management

With the process of globalization gaining momentum, the idea spread to other countries – as the risk associated with the volatility of the global marketplace forced employers to become more aware of the need for managing all their resources including their human resources, strategically.Many studies have been done regarding human resource management most companies follow. Every company has a different requirement for every vacancy it has. Not all companies are on the same platform. Some are small-scale, while others are very large. Hence, their human resource management is different for different requirements.Human Resource Management is a planned approach to managing people effectively for performance. It aims to establish a more open, flexible and caring management style.This paper will put forward a critique of the study done by writers Dhruba Kumar Gautam and Ann. J Davis, on their article titled Integration and Devolvement of Human Resource Practices in Nepal. They have compiled information regarding the human resource management that is followed in the Nepalese companies and organizations.Starting with the abstract of the article, the writers have explicitly sketched out their purpose, approach and the findings in the first part of their work. Gautam and Davis have taken into consideration the finance companies of Nepal. They conducted interviews with the senior personnel involved with the Human Resource Department of the selected 26 finance companies. They have also outlined the limitations of their research and implications.