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Internet and Electronic Marketing

E-Commerce is a traditional and important part of Internet marketing. In addition, Internet marketing has currently expanded into many different business areas beyond e-commerce. For instance, online banking has been provided by the growing number of banks that offer very useful services to their clients 24 hours a day no matter where they are. Selling products directly to consumers via the Internet is known as B2C (business to consumers) while selling goods to businesses is known as B2B (business to businesses). Social network marketing is making headlines these days as the most noticeable social websites are Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. There are more than 40 different social networking sites on the web with Facebook in the lead by far It is a very fast growing new field of Internet marketing that may be very effective in addressing specific groups of consumers. Facebook marketing is a very productive approach for relationships building the marketing strategy and promoting new products and services among targeting groups of consumers (Buelte amp. Wuyts). It is important to notice that the advance of online marketing depends heavily on the new tools developed for web design on both server-side and client-side Internet programming. The modern Internet programming technologies based on free code programming languages like HTML/XHTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Perl, MySQL, Java, and Ajax, or based on commercially available script programming languages like ASP of Microsoft Corporation and Action script of Adobe Corporation, empower the web developer to build easily complex interactive and user-adaptive websites . Internet applications.