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Interpersonal skills

You will need to make reference to the different exercises which you carried out in the seminars and to any reading you may have done, together with any concepts or frameworks which were covered in the lectures or seminars. These must be clearly referenced using the Harvard system. This will be the key part of your submission and should convince us that you have now at least progressed in the skill areas covered by the module, that you can appraise your level of skill and have an understanding of ‘good practice’ and effective performance in relation to the different skills. The main skills are the ability to plan and use your time effectively and to manage yourself, to contribute effectively to groups, to communicate orally in a range of situations and to give formal and persuasive presentations, and to write clearly and concisely using an appropriate structure. (Additional skills covered in the module – the ability to be self-aware and self-analytical, to record your learning and give an account of your skills, and to plan for your future development – will all be developed as a result of writing this assignment.)
A plan for the future – for the …
A plan for the future – for the period after this semester – which includes what skills you want to develop further, how you will go about doing so, how you will begin to present yourself to employers, and your initial thoughts on your future career and job roles. This should be based on a consideration of what you have and have not achieved over the semester, and should contain clear targets, and points for action. Try to include an updated CV with your action plan.
Background. The beginning of this session began with the aspect that we operate as a group at all times to achieve one common goal. Goal may differ as per perceptions of an individual. the common factor always remains productivity of the organisation, its effectiveness to sustain in this competitive world and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, human aspects of the organisation. And whatever position we might hold in future, we are always humans first with our own limitations, problems, attitudes, priorities and lifestyles. To get all people together with so many differences in perceptions requires one common platform, and learning interpersonal skills can provide the foundation for this platform. People change jobs not just for money in this world but also for working environment, rather mainly for the latter. Adequate knowledge and understanding of interpersonal skills would allow us to meet the often stated objectives of the module which were – the ability to work as an effective member of a group, the ability to listen actively and communicate orally and the ability to manage yourself and your time.
SWOT. Knowledge and expertise in Inter-personal skills is a crucially important capability in a world where people