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InterProfessional Practice for People Using Health

If one carer practices anti-oppressive practice his/her approach would be a client-centered approach. This means all the efforts would be directed to utilize the available resources and expertise to help and support the client to live better. Doing so the social worker needs to work with many other professionals. These kinds of practice are called interprofessional practice. The collaboration and effective team working is involved here. The paper initially discusses the Inter-professional Practice wherein several conditions are discussed where inter-professional practices are involved. It discusses strategy and policy initiatives in this direction. There are various barriers to effective team working that would be discussed next.From the recent past, inter-professional practices are being promoted to provide better services to the service users. These are aimed to promote the collaborative work environment and teamwork among various professionals. There are various definitions given to inter-professional practices.It can be defined as members of more than one health and/or social care profession learning interactively together, for the explicit purpose of improving inter-professional collaboration and/or the health/well being of patients/clients. Interactive learning requires active learner participation, and active exchange between learners from different professions (Zwarenstein, Reeves, Barr, Hammick, Koppel amp. Atkins, 2002, p.