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Investigate a given organisation to analyse its current position evaluate the strategic options available and recommend the strategic route

Besides the technology advancement, competition is rapidly increasing in almost every industry, and this could send some businesses into oblivion. In line with that, this paper seeks to analyse the current position, evaluate the strategic options and recommend the most appropriate strategic route for the Dyson Company.Founded in 1993 by James Dyson, Dyson Company is a UK-based firm, which specialises in the designing and subsequent manufacturing of heaters, bladeless fans, dryers and vacuum cleaners. Though based in the UK, the company extends it services to 80 other countries around the globe, and as of December 2013 the firm’s profit stood at a staggering £800,000,000. It currently provides employment to over 5,000 people around the world 1.Innovation has been the key driver of this company as evidenced by the creation of Ballbarrow, an alternative wheel for wheelbarrows that James Dyson invented after finding it hard to use the then ordinary wheelbarrow.A business current position is judged through its various parameters including its values, unique selling point (USP) and market share. A business has to remain distinct among other competitors in order to remain not just afloat, but also ensure it achieves its goals. By offering a unique product, a firm sets itself above others. with values that correspond to the needs of people a firm attracts a list of clientele 2. Identifying the market where a firm belongs helps it in focusing on the same to ensure the clients are served properly.In the case of Dyson, the current position is that it is well positioned despite the presence of other players in the market. The above assertions are informed by the recent statistics, which show the firm’s growth increasing each year. For instance, in 2011 the firm’s profits increased by 8% followed by 30% in 2012 and there has no announcement of loss in the last two years either 1. Besides the profits increasing annually, the firm’s market share