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information] LACK OF RESPECT IN THE NURSING PROFESSION We all know for a fact that issues with a nurse are indirectly issues with the health care. The profession of nursing is facing various key issues now a days but the most prominent one is the lack of respect in this profession. Nurses have usually been a subject of abuse and nurses are accused of all the things that go wrong but what people fail to understand is that these problems start with the drugs prescribed by the physicians (Julian 2011). Studies proof that nurses don’t feel respected by the hospital management either, they are not dealt with concern or in a sensitive manner it is a shocking ratio that only 38 percent feel respected in their profession (BRAZIER, 2011). The reason why nursing is not acknowledged as a proper or a good profession is the lack of common grounds or educational standards for the profession (Ryosho 2010). For example in order to become a lawyer an individual gets a degree in law or to become a doctor one has to get a degree in MBBS. There are no common entry-level exams or degree programs in nursing which is why it is creating a great confusion among the young people who intend on making a career in this profession. Another reason for this problem is how nurses are negatively stereo-typed on the media. Media often portrays nurses as sexy, lazy, dumb and always after to catch the doctor (Chapman 1998). These negative depictions have greatly overshadowed the crucial tasks and responsibilities they perform on daily basis. There is a global perception that’s been developed over the time that all nurses do is change bedpans, bring patients things to drink or follow orders from their doctors but sometimes they actually have to sit down and complete abundance of work demanded by the health care system. Mostly they have to neglect this work to care for the patients. Hospitals sometimes provide minimal staffing and still patients are promised safety and in such cases nurses are usually appointed to around 10-15 patients at a time and with these duties they are also required to do the paper work (University of Canberra 1996). After carrying out all these duties on daily basis nurses are still under-appreciated, are blamed and not acknowledged the respect that they deserve let alone getting mistreated by the hospital administrators. Nurses are being named in different lawsuits which are an alarming new trend at up rise and it will only continue on increasing with the time without proper government intervention. Many people considering nursing as a viable career are thinking twice because of the insecurities that are being offered. Nurses have limited or no voice with the administrators and they believe the only way to have one is join a union which is never necessarily the answers to their problems. With the dying viability the profession is also losing its importance. When nurses have respect, it will attract new comers and have a better functioning health-care system. REFRENCESJulian, Philip W, and Linda Mayne.Perceptions of Nursing As a Career Option Held by Men with Experiences in Military Health Care. Greenville, N.C.: East Carolina University, 2011. Internet resource.BRAZIER, MARGARET.Medicine, Patients and the Law. LONDON: PENGUIN BOOKS, 2011. Print.Ryosho, Natsuko.Job and Personal Resources and Demands: The Effects on Job Satisfaction and Job Search Behavior of Certified Nursing Assistants (cnas) Working in Nursing Homes. Richmond, Va: Virginia Commonwealth University, 2010. Internet resource.Chapman, Audrey R, and Leonard S. Rubenstein.Human Rights and Health: The Legacy of Apartheid. New York, NY: The American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1998. Print.Female Registered Nurses and Stress : a Quantitative Analysis. University of Canberra. Professional amp. Community Education, 1996. Internet resource.