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Leading a Multicultural Team through a Change Process

The current discourse hereby aims to present an action plan to get the team back on track, using your new knowledge of multicultural teams and communication, the change process, decision making, and ethics.From the complaints that were relayed, as well as with the diversity of the team members, not only in cultural orientation but also in age and gender, it was evident that the team leader is currently faced with challenges to get the team back on track. The problems apparently stem from lack of unified interest and commitment to achieve a common goal. Likewise, there is lack of motivation to improve the performance and productivity of team members. As such, the means to solve the problems that were relayed by the members include application of leadership theories (leadership style and skills, motivational strategies), effective communication, change management, conflict resolution, as well as emphasis on the adherence to ethical, moral, and legal standards (Martires amp. Fule, 2004).Thus, emphasize time schedules, delineation of roles and responsibilities, reporting protocols, communication procedures, conflict resolution, and the need to change behaviour and attitude of members to attain the identified goal.Forge commitment from all the team members into collaborative and participative efforts to ensure that costs are minimized, identified projects phases and activities are undertaken according to schedule, and group cohesiveness is effectively manifested.Likewise, aside from the rewards, sanctions for violating policies and procedures for the project should also be developed. For instance, failure to produce expected outcome according to assigned tasks should be sanctioned or penalized according to the organization’s code of discipline (Hill amp. Jones, 2012).As emphasized, the impetus for change is dissatisfaction with the old behaviour (Martires amp. Fule, 2004, p. 358). The previous project leader was fired due to unethical behaviour.