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LEED Succeeds in Terms of Promoting Environmental Awareness to the Public True or Not

Sustainability is a vast concept that encompasses a lot of dimensions. On one hand, it requires proper utilization of resources without damaging the natural reserves. On the other hand, it involves the improvement of the products and services available to the people. Sustainable development addresses both environmental as well as the social issues since they are interdependent of each other. Successful implementation of sustainable modes of development requires the alleviation of poverty and inequality. This dependence on environmental issues on society and economy is a crucial feature of sustainable development. Therefore, long-term participation and cooperation from everyone for the mutual benefit of each other is the ultimate goal of sustainable development. However, the process of sustainable development is a time consuming one, involving large-scale changes from the current practices. Therefore there is a possibility of all the current attempts at future development having a weakness or two. Correction of these weaknesses and continuing the process will gradually develop better models and practices for sustainable development (Partridge. Kemp amp. Parto). The USGBC is a nonprofit organization. They work towards encouraging the public to adopt sustainable building practices. LEED certification has a number of purposes. Their foremost purpose is to provide a guideline in designing buildings that are more sustainable in their operation. As the name suggests, they try to identify and give recognition to the leaders who are adopting the changes towards the new paradigms of construction enterprise, aiming at a more environmentally conscious society.