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Lifespan Development for Nursing Interview

My academic interests include. reading storybooks, undertaking mathematical challenges, writing essays, as well as reading vocabulary terms and definitions. I like going on educational trips like visiting zoos and animal orphanages. I also like participating in poem classes. Moreover, I like attending music and modeling classes where I enjoy playing musical instruments that make me feel happy.
My favorite animals are cats and dogs. I like them because of their friendliness and sense of hospitality. Whenever I come to the house, I usually get fascinated by the way they come running towards me. Moreover, I like stroking them since when I do that I get more relaxed. When outside my pets. cats and dogs in this case usually give me the perfect company that I need.
The biggest issue for animals arises from individuals who are insensitive to animals and their welfare. Animals that live in environments in which people do not care about them are likely to suffer or die since they cannot find food supplies that they require to live. Insensitive human beings are also likely to participate in poaching animals, as the individuals do not value animal life
As much as they do some pieces of stuff to protect me, am in control of what I do because I know what is wrong and what is right. However, they should not be embarrassed because of my choices since what I choose is best for me. As a teenager, I have good reasons and intentions, which is. doing things according to what I believe is right and comfortable to me, but not because other people are watching and waiting to judge me.
My best academic interest is internet browsing and blogging. I have joined several online forums where members interactively discuss relevant topics that contribute to good performance in school. My favorite area is tutorials and applications of robots and computer system.