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Main Features of Linguistics

The specific nature of the social and stylistic factors of the Trinidadian Creole which prove the "greatness in the written word" of Selvon is manifest in his short story "The Cricket Match." It is particularly notable that "the Creole that Selvon writes it is, in fact, a modified form of dialect that roughly approximates Trinidadian speech, but is not as precise a rendition as the Jamaican Creole… What makes Selvon’s writing so distinctive is, therefore, his use of humor to undercut the seriousness of the issues that he is describing in his narrative." (Maceddo 2007). Therefore, it is worth mentioning that "The Cricket Match" has, as in his famous The Lonely Londoners, employed a similarly mild satirical technique and the gentle, ironic form of humor. In this paper, a close study of the passage from the short story is carried out in order to identify and classify the elements of language used which serves the purpose of linguistic analysis.
In linguistics, stylistic analysis means the identification of patterns of usage in language whereas, from the literary point of view, it serves in making authoritative observations of the merit and meaning of the literary text. In a well-directed linguistic analysis of "The Cricket Match" on the basis of the underlying social and stylistic factors, it is notable that these linguistic variables have been masterfully implemented by the author to give the story an emphatic tone of his specific writing style. It is, therefore, significant to identify some of the most obvious stylistic features of the story as it will prove the actual worth of the literary text. The stereotyped expressions or the cliches that are cleverly used in the story may be particularly noted as they form part of the variety of the language that the author has chosen for his writing. Thus, we notice expressions like ‘singing a calypso,’ ‘in truth and in fact,’ ‘take it from me,’ ‘ authority in the factory on cricket,’ etc. to mention a few.&nbsp.In this way, the writer convinces the readers the specific quality of his language style.