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Marketing Plan for United Airlines The controversial United Airlines just experienced a


Marketing Plan for United Airlines

The controversial, United Airlines just experienced a

marketing challenge when it comes to their airline business.

Please view the recent video captured by a neighboring passenger on the flight.

The airline was video taped dragging a customer off one of their airplanes based on an overbooked flight. The CEO, Oscar Munoz has apologized for the issue on several occasions. The passenger was a 69 year old doctor attempting to return to his destination and see his patients. The video of the passenger being dragged off the plane has gone viral from the United States to other international locations.

Your individual assignment is written a proposal of a marketing plan for United Airlines. Pretend that you are the CEO of United Airlines and need to provide 3 recommendations that the organization will take. *Make sure your answers are on a business level associated with the terms and theory learned in this course (GEB4131).