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Masters Executive Program in Malaysia

The education system of Malaysia can be categorized into two segments. first, Pre-tertiary education which is under the jurisdiction of Malaysian Ministry of Education. second, the higher or tertiary education system which comes under Ministry of Higher Education (ETAWAU, 2009). The pre-tertiary education is from pre-school to secondary school whereas, the higher education is above secondary to university level. The education system of Malaysia has been passing through the phases of development and restructuring. The National Education Policy of Malaysia states that the citizens of the country and knowledgeable, thereby, they are capable of raising their personal well being and the development of Smart Schools in Malaysia is an evidence of great focus towards of people and state towards National Education Policy (MMU, n.d.). Different kinds of educational institutions are operating in Malaysia including the Government funded institutions and privately funded institutions. The vision of the Malaysian government is to introduce excellent education throughout the country by 2020. Nowadays, all diversified ways of delivery of education are available in Malaysia including e-learning, traditional learning, distant learning, mixed learning, flexible learning, and open learning. Interestingly, the government provides funds to more than 95% primary or secondary schools and around 60% government funds are provided to the institutions offering tertiary education (Ministry of Higher Education, 2010). On the other hand, privately funded institutions are dealing in both levels of education. According to the statistics of 2007, there are 18 private universities in Malaysia and total 323,787 students were enrolled in these private universities (ETAWAU, 2007).