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design51250 As programs have integrated with computers, they also need to integrate with human beings (Norman, 2004). Programs need to have a user-friendly graphical interface in order to enhance convenience in their application. If the interface is not user friendly this affects the emotions of the human user negatively, whereby the user finds it frustrating when the program or application is too complex to operate and understand. I strongly agree with Don Norman as he says computers with emotions are necessary in order to facilitate effective operation by human beings. At least computers should have appropriate emotional manifestations. A computer with emotions is able to detect human emotions, which can be used as security features to the computer. In organizations such as banks and security agencies where information is sensitive, computer emotions are highly recommended to be very effective. Features such as facial, voice and fingerprint detection are key security features in the modern society technology. A computer with emotions is able to do most activities, which can be done by human beings (Norman, 2004). It may be costly to purchase a few computers with emotional programs but in the end, it will sum up to being cost effective. Nevertheless, there is a challenge when using computers with emotions in cases whereby the human user lacks the emotions, which the computer has. For instance, human being who does not have fingers or is dump finds it hectic to use the computer. If the password to the computer requires voice or fingerprint recognition, then the human user with disability will not be able to operate the computer. Question 2 Philosophers have in the past come up with various philosophical concepts that people may use to analyze various popular culture. These concepts are what many philosophers consider tools that a philosopher needs to solve various philosophical problems. For each particular category of popular culture, there are specific philosophical tools that one can use to analyze the culture. If faced with a problem, I would be able to collect various philosophical tools that are displayed in the book to form a philosophical tool kit that will help me in analyzing the problems and dealing with the same problems. The tools are very critical especially in solving day-to-day problems. For a computer scientist, these philosophical tools are vital in making good interfaces. When designing an interface, the developer should ensure that all cultural as well as social factors are considered (Wittkower, 2008). For this small project, I was trying to come up with a tool kit to enable developers to consider some social and cultural aspects of users when designing interfaces. These philosophical tools would provide the developer with a base in which to view model use needs. One of the philosophical tools that I identified to be very critical in designing interfaces is logic. Logic is very essential for the developer to analyze what the user needs. Like when building the iPod interface, the developer needs logic to understand what the user needs (Wittkower, 2008). The other philosophical tool that I identified is Utilitarianism. Developers should use Utilitarianism to come up with the best course of action to take. This is one of the tools that are needed in my kit to ensure that developers consider the best cause of action