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My job (nurs at ER room)

My job (nurse at ER room) Change is the only permanent rule of life and change can take place in several ways as well as due to various influences. One of the most essential changes in my life, with regard to my personality traits, was brought about by my profession. This is one of the reasons, among many others, why I love my profession, i.e. nursing. I am a nurse, working at the ER room, and the experience and exposure I gained in this professional setting helped me tremendously change some of the traits of my personality for good. Before I joined this profession, especially in the ER room, I had been shy, nervous, short-tempered, lacking in confidence and cooperation. I had never felt the need for team-work or cooperating with my colleagues or acquaintances. Largely, I had lacked in experience of real life and social living, and I lived in my own small world of delusion.However, nursing had a huge impact on my entire personality as it changed my understanding of the world as well as myself. In the course of my professional life as a nurse at the ER room, I started realizing the influence of a profession on the behavioral and personality traits of a person. As Denise du Toit (1995) purports, the transformation process of a novice to a professional is essentially an acculturation process during which the values, norms and symbols of the profession are internalized. Acculturation can be so strong that it may cause personality transformation… (Toit, 164) Unquestionably, I realize the influence of the profession on one’s personality transformation as I have become more confident, daring, calm and composed, cooperative, and productive today, thanks mainly to my experience as a nurse at the ER room. In short, my profession played a tremendous job in my personality transformation as well as perception of the world. Work CitedToit, Denise du. A Sociological Analysis of the Extent and Influence of Professional Socialization on the Development of a Nursing Identity Among Nursing Students at Two Universities in Brisbane, Australia. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Vol. 21. Iss. 1. 1995. Pp 164–171.