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Of A Leadership

Various leaders often possess different traits thereby imposing their rulings as well as operations differently. While others are born leaders, some leaders tend to use coercion as a strategy for leadership making them an enemy of the people who are left to their mercies but have to follow by default. Leaders rule based on their leadership styles that vary depending on each leader. Basing on their leadership styles, some leaders are a friend of the people and a real idol to their followers who see them as role models such as re-known African leader Nelson Mandela. On the hand, some leaders are a pain to the people as they abuse power by forcefully dictating rules making people loathe their leadership style. A perfect example of this is world’s famous African leader Idi Amini popularly referred to as Dictator Idi Amini. Leaders all over the world are governed by specific traits that determine their leadership skills and style of leadership. Bearing in mind the fact that a leader is a force behind many decisions guiding a bigger fraction of people, a good leader has to be emotionally upright so as to be in a perfect position to make wise decisions as well as straight rulings. Having been down the responsibility of ruling many people all of whom share different thoughts, perceptions, and ideologies, a good leader has to be able to put up with all their people, welcome views, suggestions, as well as ideas from all irrespective of their status in the society. A leader’s personal judgments should, therefore, be concealed and not be a reflection of their thoughts in the public domain. Leadership comes with feelings of mixed reactions and is bound to face criticism as well as opposition from various quarters hence a leader should be able to welcome critics and positively dissolve views from those in opposition.