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On Project Quality Management in China

The recent decades have seen most countries implement new techniques that are geared towards producing the best results out of an initiated project however small it may be. Most industrialized and urbanized nations, China inclusive, have recently concentrated on quality improvement plans, ensuring appropriate standards in the quality of their products and services in order to fit in the global economics. Generally, quality management is the process by which an implementer of a particular project ensures that the value of the project at hand is able to satisfy his clientele in the best way possible. Quality is the characteristic of an item meeting the required standards by the customers or a producer or the government, as well as giving the producer a value of business sustainability and increased performance (Cleland and Gareis, 2006). Techniques of project quality management that are desirable are those that make sure that the deliverables of a particular project are able to meet the expectations of customers or even go beyond these expectations. Therefore, monitoring a project in the best way possible is considered ample, since errors and chances of project misinterpretations are duly eradicated. Additionally, standards of quality are deemed vital in the implementation of any project, and the meeting of such standards is made possible through the application of suitable plans to manage a project. Planning of a project is important because it helps ensure the effectiveness of the factors that influence project management as well as the activities that are conducted by the project stakeholders. Quality is at the same time acquired through a certain series of processes that are continually handled until the best result is acquired. Thus, no project incepts at its best level, but all start at a poor level tending towards the best. More over, it is crucial that project implementation team communicate appropriately with the project stakeholders in order to lay the best foundation for quality improvement that is continuous. Thus, when planning the budget for every project, it is crucial that quality be put into consideration. It is always good to emphasize on quality and not quantity for a stakeholder willing to give the best and not only to gain (Cleland and Gareis, 2006). This paper is aimed at investigating into the project quality management in China, being one of the most industrialized countries. Additionally, it will seek to establish the policies, quality control, as well as the techniques that are duly applied in the country. It is also important to come up with a definite reason as to why Chinese products, despite being of low quality are prevalent in the world. More over, it will seek to investigate into project management in china, in regard to the aspect of globalization. Furthermore, it is geared towards providing an insight on quality standards in regard to the management of quality by Chinese