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Operations Management in Tesco Kennington Superstore

With regard to operations management, volume refers to the volume of productivity in relation to the number of resources such as labor that is needed for the production. High volume refers to a high ratio of production versus resources needed. Tesco Kennington Supermarket has a high volume of operations as it includes not only actual work of the superstore but also serves as the distribution center for online orders’ delivery. Having successfully utilized Information technology into its operations, Tesco’s management also has achieved greater flexibility and speed of processes, thus increasing production levels. Elimination of paperwork has provided Tesco’s employees to spend more time on the improvement of customer’ service (Slack amp. Lewis, 2010). Tesco Kennington Superstore offers a high variety of products, from short shelf life ready-to-eat chilled foods to canned Tuna fish or uncooked grains. The key department on which the focus has been made is fresh food. There is a big choice of fresh products, especially fruits and vegetables. In addition to fresh food department, there are available the following key sections: food, bakery, food cupboard, frozen food, drinks, baby, health and beauty, pet care, household, home, and entertainment. In order to deliver all these products and services the company has to perform many various operations, such as washing, storage, handling food-contact packaging, filling containers, sealing and labeling of chilled products, assembly and packaging of a chilled ready-meal or cooked food, etc. (Elstone, 2007:5).