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Organizational communication Focus on BP website

They aim to create and enhance value of the shareholders and meet the growing demand of energy. The aim is to create a safer and stronger BP that can utilise its capabilities and strength in their downstream business, value chains, managing the giant fields, deep sea operations and explorations. All these activities are underpinned by innovating through technology and building strong relationship with the communities, partners and the government (BP. 2012). How is computer mediated communication used in this communication domain? Computer mediated Communication facilitates in creating a new communication environment in which individuals can interact. The tools that are used for this computer mediated communication mainly includes the emails, group chats, communication forums such as mail groups, discussion group and billboards that occupies a significant amount and space in peoples life. CMC uses a wide range of technologies for helping individuals to interact by sharing information that includes web pages too. CMC provides a communication media and space in which people can form communities and interact between each other. CMC has become an integral part of everybody‚Äôs life (Barnes, 2002). … Internet brings in the elements of both mass communication and human. Interactivity which is a very important aspect of the CMC. internet is seen to facilitate the process of communication (Rafaeli and Sudweeks, 1997 cite in Thurlow and Tomic et al., 2004). The interactions are not only seen to distribute social goods but also provide clear structure to work. The internet is a medium that provides two ways communication and feedback. In case of BP they are struggling hard to establish themselves as a leader in safety, a responsible corporate citizen, world-class operator and as good employer. They are trying hard to gain back the trust from their stakeholders and provide a growth in their values. They look at maintaining trust among the people present inside and outside the company. Their aim to gain trust is through dealing fairly and responsible in whatever they do. The performance of the organization is closely monitored by the management and the same is reported in a transparent manner. For this they strongly rely on open communication and dialogue are given high importance if they are meant to meet the expectation of the local communities in which they operate, shareholders, customers and the employees. BP is well known among the researchers for using collaborative technology in dealing with communication (Majchrzak and Rice, et al., 2000). Some year ago BP has provided an elaboration in the London Times and regarding their learning about some key technologies that helped them deep sea exploration by collaborating with Shell Oil Company in the Gulf of Mexico. The competitive strategy of BP is their ability to leverage knowledge. Rather than by conducting some basic research by themselves they look for going learning from their partners and the