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Overview where you are and where you want to be in 36 months

Progress Overview At present, I have identified the research topic, as well as formulated a research question, by seeking out background theories from the background in literature from fields relevant to the initial tentative research question (Adams amp. Puetow, 2014). I also reviewed a good amount of literature to identify what had been written concerning the research topic under study, specifically by using various scholarly and academic resources. After this, I began to focus more as translational theories became more obvious with the adaptation and translation of important ideas from previous theory and making them relevant to the emergent challenges in researching the topic (Adams amp. Puetow, 2014). I have also finalized the project plan, methodology, and questions, which were presented for final approval. After gaining approval, I drafted my introduction, literature review, and methodology chapters and finally received my upgrade from MPhil to Ph.D. In the next three to six months, I am planning to apply for ethics approval, which will hopefully present me with the go-ahead to undertake the research activities with human subjects. I am also planning to prepare the course content and material for the intervention training for the EFL teachers, which will draw on foundational theories to set the parameters of how to tackle and answer he research question (Adams amp. Puetow, 2014). Finally, I want to begin the initial collection of data to carry out a pilot for my research study. It is hoped that the pilot study will allow for the emergence of theoretical concepts and throw up an array of alternatives ideas about what will be observed, which should later coalesce into more articulated concepts (Adams amp. Puetow, 2014).ReferenceAdams, P. J., amp. Buetow, S. (February 07, 2014). The place of theory in assembling the central argument for a thesis or dissertation. Theory amp. Psychology, 24, 1, 93-110.