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The Pace at College

The competitive nature of college work is responsible for a faster pace. After all, only the better pupils from high schools can be admitted. When you go to college, you are saying, in effect, “For four years, self-education is my business. It is a competitive business, with the highest rewards going to those who make the most of the opportunity.”

The familiar saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know,” is making less and less sense as the competition by business and industry increases to get those with know-how.

There is a change, for example, as you move into college in the amount of attention given to the thinking process. Thought questions increase, while factual material – at least in most subjects – tends to be more or less secondary. There is more insight and understanding expected.

A heavier load of homework will call for closer attention to programming and more hours of reading, cogitation, and discussion. In recitations you will be expected to participate actively, and to do this well you will not be able to go unprepared – the instructor and the better students will either resent your taking up time by not knowing what you are expected to know, or they will leave you behind as they go further into things.

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