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Participate in a Research Study

Emotional Experience Study The study that I chose was called Emotional Experience and the researchers were attempting to identify a link between emotions and values. The study asked questions about body sensations as well as certain moral situations. Each category gave a set of moral situations that the participant was asked to respond to after they had already described a situation of their own where they felt disgust. The study was a qualitative research design using a questionnaire and it was descriptive in nature. The reason I think this is because according to the PowerPoint presentations, a descriptive design is one where questions are asked about a current state of affairs. Many of the questions were asking about current situations as well as one that the participant remembered from their past. The strengths of this study were that it only took about 15 minutes and it was done online. This way, the study could be random and they could take as many participants as possible. Because it was online, they were able to take people from all over the world. They also provided links to therapists that could help if the participants had any challenges with their feelings after the study as well as the email of one of the researchers. The only weakness of the study I felt was that the sections were too long in some situations. There were several times that I felt like I just wanted to stop instead of going all the way through to the end. In the initial page of the study, the researchers gave information about any ethical considerations. The study had been approved by their ethical committee and they said participants could leave a study blank if it made them feel uncomfortable. They also gave links to counselors because they said that it could be that one would feel some anxiety or distress in answering some of the questions. They said that the survey was voluntary and that the participant had the right to withdraw participation at any time. Participants also had to click on a link to state they were over 18. There was a statement at the end of the first page that included the informed consent clause (they had already informed you of what the study was, when the debriefing would take place and so forth) and an address of where participants could write if they had questions about their rights in the survey. Reference Plous, S. (2011). Online psychology studies. Social Psychology Website. Retrieved from