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Personal Attention

The expanding population and the slow growth of college and university facilities have necessitated large classes in most subjects except foreign languages and advanced courses. The large classes often meet in smaller sections for more personal attention, it is true, but the professors are even then not as accessible outside class hours, mainly because they have so many students in their courses. They have far less time than is necessary to discuss each important point in the subject with each student, personally.

This is not altogether bad. Students should become self-propelled as quickly as possible, for their own good. The enforced lack of personal attention in large classes has the beneficial effect of speeding up the processes of self-education and maturity. Self-education is the best education.

A certain amount of frustration is produced by this apparent impersonal relationship of students to education. Yet it can also be said that the process of maturing is accelerated by this somewhat harsh reality. Those who cannot make the adjustment are not treated impersonally, however, if they seek help.

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