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Planetarium summary out of class

Sur Lecturer Planetarium Summary: Outside Today we visited Ritter Planetarium and we had the chance to view a show on space mirrors, a sky tour, and time cubes. We even watched, though through a telescope, at the Sun. We confirmed that Ritter Planetarium is indeed an art full-dome immersive imagining theatre that uses the projection system of Spitz SciDome XD. Capable of projecting more than six million pixels on to the 40 foot dome, this SciDome XD preserves all of the tasks of an out-dated analogue planetarium though also providing breath taking pictures of our Universe. It also capacitated to performance a full dome programming for kids on Saturday afternoons.During the night we were able to witness yellow star – Weero – which is truly a bright star. I only knew it was yellow from class but today I saw it live! We also witnessed a show about a fascinating staff called space mirrors. Many people perceive stars as points of light that are far from the planet Earth. This is not true since stars are actually the reflections of the Sun off space mirrors in universe. Some mirrors are very close while others are far away. some are blue while others are red and so that is the reason why stars have dissimilar colours. The show revealed that some galaxies and stars look older since their light penetrated through the time cube. Later on, after the show, it was now the time to look, through a solar telescope, at the sun. I realized that the Sun appeared like some green ball since the telescope just allow a little of green light rays through it. Other stars also appeared green just as the sun.