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Population/ Environmental Impact

This discussion stresses that&nbsp.there is also increasing pressure on natural resources and this is threatening development as well as the welfare of the public in regards to health. Loss of forests, soil exhaustion, water shortages as well as degeneration of coastlines and some of the effects of increased pressure on natural resources that have affected numerous areas.&nbsp. As the population of the globe increases, the world is faced with the challenge of making the standards of living better without any destruction on the environment.&nbsp. Majority of the developed nations currently use natural resources at a rate that is faster than their regeneration and those that record rapid population growth are faced with a pressing need to improve the standards of living of their people.
As the paper discusses&nbsp.the ability to satisfy the resource requirements of an increasing population eventually needs some changes in the manner in which land is used so that the production of food can be increased through clearing of forests, intensification of the land that has already been cultivated or development of the appropriate infrastructure to support the rising population. In the past centuries, the amount of cultivation on the planet has considerably increased by approximately 450 percent from around two and a half million square kilometers to more than fifteen million square kilometers. Forest cover in developing nations decreased by two hundred million acres and developed nations recorded a net increase of approximately twenty million acres.