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Positive Psychology at the Movies

For someone who has experienced a myriad of hardships, this juror uses numerous non-verbal signs to communicate. These include eye contact, tone, and nodding. Compared to juror number 3, who uses a confrontational tone, this juror is emotional and touching in his speech. This appears to be a necessary part of his struggle to express himself and have the courtroom to better understand the accused. Juror 3 and 11 seem to be the opposites of each other (Reilly and Stooksbury 37).I think that classmate one has provided an accurate depiction of juror number 3, and helped to reaffirm my argument that he exhibits a striking contrast with juror 11. I believe that the experiences and personalities of all jurors are manifested in their behavior in the courtroom. The case has presented them with an opportunity to characterize the accused based on what they feel and think (Niemiec and Wedding 19). I also agree with classmate 2 on his description of juror number 8, although I think that he left out critical points like the juror’s background that defines his behavior.