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Poverty and Underdevelopment in Modern Times

From this paper it is clear that this serves as grounds for the presence of the sick, the poor and the illiterate. These three are not only indicators of poverty, but are also indicators of underdevelopment. A country is said to be underdeveloped if it has a high rate of illiteracy. While First World countries have high literacy rates, the opposite is seen in countries that do not have enough teaching facilities and teachers. The cycle of underdevelopment is one that is hard to break. Through the lack of university graduates that add up to their workforce, there is not much to be expected of professionals in the underdeveloped country. Furthermore, the quality of industrial products produced in a country where native is more advanced than technology itself cannot be seen as worthy of being exported. Another determining factor of an underdeveloped country is the preference of imported products over the locals. Due to the availability of high priced imports, the local sector is depleted of wealth and therefore the budget is decreased. Furthermore, the growing populations which cannot be supported by the government due to the lack of enough funds are forced to live daily on malnutrition. The cost of living in rural areas differs significantly with urban areas, and the marginalized sector is ever present. Simply put, poverty is the outcome of a country’s underdevelopment. The lack of funds for every citizen in the country to receive the benefits due him results to inefficiency and deprivation. These in turn lead to a poor way of life that will be resulting to a country which is poor. Poverty is an issue that cannot be easily alleviated. Even with the presence of organizations that claim to target the elimination of poverty, it still lingers and is growing still. Along with the population explosion comes the increase in poverty. It is a primordial matter of country security.