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Product Positioning by McDonald

Product Positioning by McDonaldConclusion: the best financing alternative is 100% debt since the EPS values are larger than those of stocks.Product positioning is that act of looking at the distinctive characteristics of products by the customer to enable him or her decide which product to consume (Chae, amp. Zhu, 2013). Product positioning map is important for McDonald because it will help to identify where there is a vacant niche. Additionally, it will help McDonald not to serve two segments with the same strategy. The position map below shows the different criteria that customer base on while judging the four industries, namely Burgers King, Wendy’s, Hardee’s and McDonald. It is evident that McDonald is considered for its fast delivery environment, but customers because of its limited choice might not consider it. Burgers king creates a more comfortable environment from which a consumer can choose from a wide range of products from the industry.McDonald is one of the most pronounced fast food restaurants in the world todays. The owners of the multinational food restaurant have tried to adapt many different markets in the world and to some extent they have managed to be in a better position. Their product positioning has brought this about. Positioning has enabled it to become an outstanding performer in the industry. Its positioning has aimed to appeal customers about its products, hence becoming a family friend that is less costly (Lassar, amp. Kulkarni, 2009). The family is their main market target for its product. Its slogan has also enabled it to position its product in a more convenient manner. One of its slogans Happy Meal is said to have has influenced many customers’ most families who have children. it also does its marketing differently from the other food industries like Burger King. Unlike Burger king that focuses on marketing its products to other generations, McDonald has majored in marketing its products for the family. This has put it at an added advantage over the other key players in the industry. The fast food industry has realized the importance of advertising as a tool for product positioning. It has liaised with Television stations to advertise its products that are being yearned by many consumers. By communicating and creating familiarity of its products, it has been able to build its brand and also show its relevance to the consumers. Despite its effective product positioning, McDonald has some potential weaknesses that makes other food industries to be in a better position. Burger King will win over McDonald in the market for its fresh beef parties while Chick-fil-A will win the industry forward, its good customer care service.The EPS/EPT chart is of great significance in respect to strategy implementation because when companies come up with these charts, they are able to see whether the product positioning maps do line up with what the company expects. Therefore EPS/EPT charts are relevant to strategy implementation.References.Chae, B., Li, X., amp. Zhu, R. (2013). Judging Product Effectiveness from Perceived Spatial Proximity. Journal of Consumer Research,40(2), 317-335. doi:10.1086/670393Lassar, W., amp. Kulkarni, S. (2009). McDonald’s Ongoing Marketing Challenge: Social Perception in India.Online Journal of International Case Analysis,1(2).