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Professional Development as an IT Technician

Moreover, my other team members also experienced the same problems of adapting to role change in various stages of the project, therefore, we made it an effort to reflect on the previous phase of the project and knowing what was it that we did or achieved before embarking on a new phase. Through the project, my group headed by our team leader was very cooperative. In as much as everyone was tasked with a different part or section of the project, we were open with each other and in areas where one experienced difficulty, we could consult with other members within the team leading to efficiency and effectiveness on the overall project. Moreover, each team member was allowed to select an area of the project where they felt competent in thus removing unnecessary stress or difficulties in the process of accomplishing the project. Likewise, there were major conflicts experienced within our team as the overall results of the task allocated to each member reflected either positively or negatively on the teams’ performance. Therefore we treated each other as equals in the team because all aspects of the sweets vending machine project were important meaning that there was no aspect which was more important than the other. Moreover, the organization within the team was impeccable because for each member to effectively accomplish his task, he or she was required to know which sectors other team members were dealing in therefore making the process of collaboration of ideas an easy process for all members in the team.