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Project management What’s that

The management of project components and clustering them under one unit is very important (Haugan, 2011). Project management enables following the guidelines and use of the right kind of tool and technique for performing the project. It further allows integration of stages of a project that are namely planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling phase (Weihrich amp. Cannice,pg 4, 2010). Project management further keeps a check on the various constraints that must be taken into account. These constraints are in time completion of project, keeping the costs within the allotted budget, and finally monitoring the performance at different levels of project by individuals and workgroups. The project performed was aimed at providing relief to the commuters in the particular area which is being congested due to traffic .A solution is proposed in form of A3 Hind head project which will ease the traffic load and bring about relief. Out of the nine broadly defined areas of management, four are needed to be taken into consideration which are as follows: ‘Managing the scope of the project in controlling the project through aims, goals and objectives of its sponsors. The first of nine elements is indispensible and must be taken into consideration. … The aim should be clearly conveyed to all the stakeholders both inside the organization and outside in order to enable them working according to the requirements. ‘Managing time planning, scheduling and controlling the project to achieve the time objectives through recognized control methodologies.’ This is the second most important element of managerial approach. Effective planning in any stage of project has its direct effect on the project, planning gives a roadmap as to what to achieve and how to achieve it ,it is the table work for practical implementation, scheduling of activities enable synchronization of work and allows reduction of extra activities which might consume resources and do not contribute towards the productivity. A generalized objective of any project is the completion of project in time, the element of scheduling is one of the most important factors to be considered since delay can have severe negative repercussions on the project and its stakeholders. Scheduling enables achieving work break down structure (Harris, 2010). The controlling aspect is also implementable to different components of the project body. Controlling could be in form of the spending, the inventory, and the transportation costs. Methodologies always help in standardizing the working procedures. Projects that involve the public directly, can less afford delays and schedule stretches, Hind Head is a similar case where public contact is in direct question, therefore this is one of the four most important elements needed to be taken in to account. Project Integration Management – develop the project charter, scope statement, and Plan. Direct, manage, Monitor and control Project Change.