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Promoting it in the Classroom

She made a decision and took action as a result of the decision. She immediately reported to HR the flaw of the system and Tanya’s behavior. In my case, I took a stand when I saw my classmate cheating in one of our exams during middle school. Although that classmate is a neighbor, I reported it to our teacher. Part B The issue is cheating during examinations. My classmate used a small piece of paper that contained facts about the exam. I immediately called the attention of the teacher during the examination by writing on my test paper about what I saw. There was a need to suspend judgment for a few minutes before I told the teacher since I had to be certain that she was really cheating. Nevertheless, the decision to turn her in was deliberate since it would be unfair for the rest of the class to let her cheat since we all studied for the difficult exam. My position then was purely logical, we get what we deserve so I was just being objective. My advocacy then was not about honesty, it was all about the reward for hard work. My action is a consequence of my decision to not tolerate cheating during examination since we all need to study to get the grade we deserve.