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Race and Liberty in America

BodyInfluential activists, Political leaders, and their contributionsFranklin Delano Roosevelt He was the 32nd President of United States and he was a central person in fighting economic depression. He was also a leader of the Democratic Party and most importantly he championed for American liberalization (Eagles, 2012). Philip Randolph He was American labor leader and a civil rights crusader. He played a vital role in condemning and banning discrimination in labor ministries (Eagles, 2012). Eleanor Roosevelt Was an American political leader who took advantage of her position as the first lady from 1933 to 1945 to campaign for her husband’s civil rights policy (Bean, 2009). She was an advocate for civil rights. d) Rosa Parks Was an African American civil rights activist and she got referred to as the first lady of the civil rights by the U.S. Congress?Betty Friedman Shirley Chisholm She was an American author and politician. She was the first black American lady to be a congresswoman.Anita Hill She is an attorney and an academic. She is also a professor of law and women’s studies. She is on record for fighting sexual harassment in the workplace (Robertson, 2013).Major government and acts of the constitution.The Civil Rights Act of 1964 The act prevents discrimination and prejudice on the basis of color, race, sex, national origin and religion (Eagles, 2012).The voting act of 1964 This legislation outlawed discrimination and unfairness against African Americans (Robertson, 2013). The act ended the imposition of voting qualification based on race or color. Conclusion Summary of the impacts of the civil rights movement and government acts.