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Ragtime by E L Doctorow

Social, industrial, economic changes are some of the changes the writer address (Harris amp. Raymond, 51). Doctorow’s novel Ragtime is a tale based on three families living during the earlier part of the twentieth century with the first family consisting of a father, a mother and their little boy. This family has wealth and lives a first life. It mainly comprises of the whites. The storyline is geared towards references to a real-life story of Evelyn Nesbit whose husband murdered his lover. Throughout this second story, Doctorow introduces the rest of the characters using symbolic names mentioned in real history. These characters symbolize traditions, innovations and invention in technological sector, and the impacts of humanitarian service to the community. Several different stories happen within this one narrative, which ends in the assassination of an archduke and the families being reunited (Doctorow, 43).In his novel Ragtime, the author examines the culture clash at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the old, implanted culture found itself exposed to new ideas. They are resilient to these new social conditions but they seem to be odd one out since many people reform for the best. They are lingered and clanged to the past which results into cultural dispute. Social changes The writer points out some instances of social changes evident in his piece of work. He expresses the consequences of these revolutions based on how characters act in response to change. A couple of characters are receptive and adjust to ongoing change, while others are reluctant and find it unfavorable. They find it hard to come to terms with the new ideas to a point of rejecting them with bitterness. .E.L Doctorow builds up his characters with regards to mixed reactions portrayed in his novel with hinds on today’s changing world. For instance, Father is flabbergasted by community change he encounters upon his arrival from a trip in the north. He is unable to stand the new standards and regards them as an infringement of tradition. Consequently, he gets so frustrated and depressed that he considers himself an outcast due to psychological trauma. He resents being isolated by family and the entire lifestyle of contemporary world. He feels vulnerable due to his wife and son’s augmented self sufficiency (Doctorow, 63). Conversely, mother is liberated by her exponential aptitude and autonomy. She is molded into an industrious responsible woman by the new era. She resorts to handling family business and helping Sarah with her child, with projects her abilities (pg 113). Finally, she separates herself from social standards which criticized marriages between people of different religions, social class and marries Tateh, a Jewish after moving to Atlantic City and after her husband’s death in a Lusitania (Doctorow, 82).Coalhouse Walker establishes a movement which pushes for the civil rights of the black. The movement uses all means to ensure social justice is achieved by the black. He later passes on in quest for justice, but leaves a legacy of truth about people’s rights and equality to all (Harris amp. Raymond, 52).Booker T.Washngton, an orator and a renowned civil right leader tries to merge the two races by making them understand that the good