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Re Text Ch 7 Essentials of Sociology A GiddensWhat is stratification?What is social


Re: Text Ch 7, Essentials of Sociology, A. Giddens

  1. What is stratification?
  2. What is social

prestige? Achieved status? Ascribed status?

  • What was wrong with Marx’s view on stratification?
  • What is Max Weber’s view on stratification?
  • What social class are you in if you make $115,000 a year just with high school?
  • What social class is a family if the father makes $32,000 his wife makes $15,000?
  • What is surplus value?
  • What are the effects of technology on stratification?
  • Upper Class important facts
  • How does the government determine the poverty line?
  • Social Security Medicare important facts
  • What is Charles Murray’s view on dependence culture? What is culture of poverty?
  • What is the most distressing sign of stratification in the US?
  • What is social mobility? Name 4 types of social mobility.
  • What does cultural capital mean according to Pierre Bourdieu?
  • *I am looking for short, brief, answers, THANK YOU*