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Reading Film

The film is a superb blend of sexuality and racial prejudice. The film captivates one of the brilliant performances by Juliana Moore. With a vulnerable emotion and strength of mind, she portrays the emotion of a housewife whose spouse has a covert gay life. It’s amazingly true that a movie like ‘Far From Heaven’ has that stylish finish along with tremendous emotional compulsion. This is a rare blend indeed and the greatest achievement with this particular film is the immaculate compatibility between the crew and the stars that make every moment of the movie artificial As well as deeply felt. (Indiana University, n.d.)In a film like ‘Far From Heaven’, the ambience of the narrative and the projection of the theme are never obvious. Yet, the film slowly enchants its spectators and one doesn’t need to wait for long to experience complete entwinement with the film. The film is extremely sensitive and far from being a mere domestic melodrama of Whittaker family, the movie is a strong portrayal of myriad social consideration that transports the film to a realm of difference from the ordinary movies of the same genre. Picking up a particular scene from the movie with so many emotionally exuberance is very difficult. Yet, the scene which forms the most sensitive and most climactic scene of the entire film demands a detailed description.The scene to be noted is where Cathy Whittaker, played by Julianne Moore finds her man Frank, played by Dennis Quaid, in the arms of his gay partner. Undoubtedly, Moore reaches the league of the contemporary actresses after this brilliant performance. The language of camera transcends any narrative incorporated in this scene and the feeling and the expression of Moore is equally mind-blowing. The cinematography, score implementation of light editing and sets make it a complete visual. The visual effect used at the backdrop of the scene makes it so compatible with the