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Reflective memo

The Challenges of the the Individual Projects, and Learning This has exposed me to different forms of learning that have involved a lot of work reading, researching and writing several papers. This course has offered a challenging but an equally beneficial experience where I have gained new forms of knowledge and improving on the skills and knowledge that I already had before starting this course. EditorialThe first area that the course exposed me to was learning about editorials and writing them. Editorials are specific types of papers which present opinions on an issue. I had a challenge in putting up an editorial because for me differentiating it from an argumentative paper was difficult. However, after some guidance and researching I was able to grasp the concepts required in an editorial and successfully wrote one. I learnt valuable information not only on the structure of an editorial but also on other aspects such as different types of editorials and the important aspects to be included in it.EvaluationThis course also required a student to conduct a movie evaluation. The challenge about this is that people have different views about movies and this influences how they conduct movie evaluations. Here, I was supposed to avoid subjective views on the movie and conduct an objective evaluation, which was a challenge. However, I was able to conduct a successful movie evaluation on a film called The Blind Side. This involved watching the film more than once and picking important aspects about it such as characterization, the themes and cinematography among others. I learnt important skills and knowledge on evaluating movies in terms of the different aspects present in the movie and ensure that subjective views are kept away from the evaluation.Proposal and Annotated BibliographyThis course also included preparing a proposal and an annotated bibliography that would be used in a final research paper. The challenge regarding putting up the proposal was on the fact that I was supposed to choose a researchable topic from a variety of topics, some of which were either redundant or non-researchable. On the annotated bibliography, the challenge involved choosing sources that could give as much information on the topic as required rather than just choosing general sources on the topic. This could only happen by choosing credible sources, something that was not easy to do. However, I overcame these challenges and successfully wrote a proposal and an annotated bibliography that I used to write the research paper.Research PaperWith regard to the research paper, I learnt important skills in writing a well thought out research paper that investigates a question or a problem and makes informed conclusions and recommendations. The challenge in this task involved the ability to avoid making general statements on the topic and instead write based on the available facts. I overcame the challenge and was able to write the research paper.ConclusionThis course has significantly improved my skills and knowledge on the different aspects that I have learnt so far especially through overcoming the challenges that I faced in different levels and stages of the course. I can confidently state that I achieved the course objectives successfully.