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Relationship and Traditional Marketing

Identifying the various qualities and characteristics of relationship and traditional marketing among businesses can then provide a stronger understanding of what the effective means are for marketing. Two case studies which represent this are Starbucks in relationship marketing and McDonald’s with the transaction or traditional marketing.The first way in which business is affected with marketing is through the internal environment and the way that the organization functions. Without the correct foundation for employees and the work being done, there is the inability to reach specific goals. In traditional marketing, the focus is on a marketing mix, specifically which is based on getting sales and outcomes that are a part of the main orientation of the business. The marketing mix includes basic components of advertising, organizational structures and the establishment of new opportunities for showing the products within a corporation. In relationship marketing, this alters to the customers that respond in a positive manner, which means that the employees and the organizational environment have to be conducive to getting the correct responses. Since the employees are the ones which establish the main relationships, there is an emphasis on the internal environment and how it creates specific responses. The shift that has to be made within the internal environment then becomes reliant on the way in which the organization looks at employees and the work that they offer to the corporation. Specifically, the environment is one which requires affiliations, partnerships and relationships with the company from the internal organization (Gronroos, 322, 1997).When comparing the two organizations, it can be seen that there are differences in the organizational environment and how this affects the marketing and customer relationships. McDonald’s is based on a traditional hierarchical structure with managers.